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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 10, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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please remember the spin stops right here in mayberry because we are looking out for you. there is a massive fire burning homes in san bruno. dozens of people are hurt. six of them told to be critically burned. we're told a hospital in daily city is reportedly on reage alert. the fire has been burning now and destroyed at least a dozen homes. flames could be seen shooting as much as 60 feet into the air. a local fire chief says a gas line is the cause. people in the neighborhood say they felt a large blast. helicopters have been dropping
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water in and around the area trying to bring flames under control. a massive fire is raging through a san bruno, california neighborhood right now. dozens of people are said to be hurt and at least six critically burned. stay with fox news channel for more on this developing story. now back to "hannity" already in progress. the radicals have n over the discourse. the headlines in the muslim world will be that islam is under attack. if we don't do this right, anger will explode in the muslim world. >> sean: that's not all. the mosque developer denied there is any plan to move the mosque. he said it is untrue the community center in lower manhattan is being moved. the project will proceed as planned. what is being reported in the media today is a falsehood. the florida pastor is sticking by his story. questions arose today about whether the mosque would be sold. the main mosque investor
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indicated he was open to selling the site forthright place. donald trump took that claim seriously offering to buy-out the stake in the mosque plus 25 investment increase in price the investor's lawyer rejected trump's offer calling it a cheap attempt in the limelight. joining me with reaction to the developing story from is bridget. welcome back. i want to play one more side from the cnn interview. i think this goes to the heart of what the imam is saying brigitte. which is, we don't get the mosque americans you better be ready for an attack. here's what said. >> i don't mean it that way. i meant it that the danger from the radicals in the muslim world to our national security, to the national security of our troops. i have a niece who works in
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the army in iraq, concern for american citizens who live and work and travel overseas will be compromised if the radicals are strengthened and if we do move it will strengthen the argument of the radicals to recruit, their ability to recruit and their increasing aggression, violence against our country. >> sean: you said the same to me earlier. you said there will be smoke, there will be fire. 70% of americans don't want this mossing built. you are saying if that mosque is not built america can expect attacks? >> sean, it depends on how you look at this. this mosque for some odd reason it is not a mosque, it is a community center. i believe that's how it is being seen overseas, a community center that has a pool --
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>> sean: we don't have a lot of time. i'm asking you, you said earlier and imam rauf said if the mosque is not built we better expect attacks? >> it could be used by radicals as a way to attack america. >> sean: you said there will be smoke, there will be fire. >> it could be, it is not something for sure if people want to attack in any way this could be one leverage. >> sean: brigitte we give in, capitulate to radicals thinking our capitulation going to buy us what? now all of a sudden those who buy into radical jihad now they are going to be nice to americans? >> of course not. they were planning on killing us in the 90s the taliban and 1,000 al-qaeda members in afghanistan in the 90s when clinton was president. that he tacked america in 1993. this is total -- they attacked america in 1993. by the way i listen to what is
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being said. they are not calling it the community center, they call it the mosque at ground zero >> sean: simple question, the president is defending the first amendment right to build the mosque on ground zero on the one hand. and then the president is speaking out and i disgrey the pastor i think it is unnecessarily provocative in the case of burning the qur'an. the president speaks out against him. what are we to interpret from that? >> the pastor has a constitutional right to burn the qur'an like imam rauf has a constitutional right to build the mosque. >> sean: why defend the imam's right but not defend the pastor's right? >> that's where the double standards come. [ talking over each other ] >> this is a civilization brigitte. we are not like the taliban who desecrate statues. we are not like the taliban.
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>> just because -- [ talking over each other ] >> it is wrong! >> sean: let me ask you this jehan, this is important. where is the tolerance in the muslim world? if a nonmuslim american wants to go to mecca, are they allowed to go to mecca? no. so the question is, why aren't the very same people that are demanding that america build this -- allow the building of this mosque at this site where 3,000 americans were killed by radical jihadists, why aren't the same people demanding that nonmuslim americans get to go to mecca and medina? >> issue by this mosque in the mideast is not that -- >> sean: answer the question jehan. answer. >> we are talking about a different country. we are talking a different system. we're talking about --
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>> sean: you have an opportunity now -- [ talking over each other ] >> we cannot compare ourselves to saudi arabia. we are unique. >> sean: yes, i agree and we are special. i unlike president obama agree with the concept of american exceptionalism. you refuse to condemn hamas as a terror organization. you have steadfastly refused to condemn hamas as a terror organization. >> this has nothing do with hamas. >> sean: i want to ask, will you call on saudi arabia to be more open-minded and will you nonmuslim americans to go to mecca? >> actually to allow women -- not to force women to be veiled. >> sean: i didn't ask you about veils. scene -- answer the question, should nonmuslim americans be allowed in mecca? >> this is up to saudi arabia. a different country, a
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different system. i'm american and i'm talking about america. [ talking over each other ] >> bridge we should set the model for other worlds to follow us. the issue of the mosque -- >> going to saudi arabia and build a community center in saudi arabia -- [ talking over each other ] >> we do not need to be preached about tolerance in the united states. we are tolerant. we have 2,000 mosques in the united states. 100 mosques in new york. [ talking over each other ] >> a bomb exploding in a mosque in jacksonville, florida in may that's tolerance with 60 people inside? >> excuse me! can you repeat that. >> sean: whoa, stop. hamas just took credit for killing four innocent people and promised more killings --
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>> we are talking about america. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: the fbi points out that 66% of hate crimes are committed against jewish americans. 7.7% against muslim-americans. >> this is rising now sean. >> sean: it is not rising. [ talking over each other ] >> how many attacks against muslims did you hear of? [ talking over each other ] >> sean: one at a time. one at a time. bridge the last word, i want to ask brigitte one -- what do you see around the world. imam rauf wants america to be sharia compliant. explain what sharia means around the world for women? >> sharia is the laws of qur'an. oppressive to women.
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sharia views women as second class citizens [ unintelligible ] like you would treat animals. women are oppressed. not only when it comes to just wearing the hijab when it comes to inheritance, to rape, sharia is against -- teachings the killing of the infidels. >> sean: we are out of time. thank you both. i wish we had more time. new polling data spells doom for democrats in the run up to the midterm elections. you won't believe which seat is now play. dick morris and david limbaugh is here to talk about his "new york times" best selling book, st3q what's up ? ugh. my feet are killin' me. you should get some custom fit orthotics. dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center. it recommends the custom fit orthotic that's best for your feet. and footcare scientists are behind it. you'll get immediate comfort... ... and, you could save a couple hundred bucks. for locations see
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sean the anointed one has added more to the national debt than all of america's first 40 presidents combined. since january 2009 he has tacked on 2.5 trillion dollars to the debt more than all presidents from washington to ronald reagan combined this is one of the only times barack obama will ever be mentioned in the same sentence as ronald reagan. dick morris, lanny davis, ♪
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>> sean: with just 54 days to go before november's midterm elections new polling shows gop leading in key senate races. in florida marco rubio leads both opponents by dibble digits 14 point as head of charlie crist. and 20 point as head of meek. illinois gop candidate mark kirk has taken the lead over democrat giannoulias for the president's old seat. even races once considered locks for democrats are moving in the gop's direction. let's look at west virginia. in the race for the seat formerly held by robert byrd
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republican trails west virginia governor manchin by five points. joining me with reaction to these numbers author of the "new york times" best seller 2010 take back america former clinton adviser dick morris is here. by the way, your book is more relevant than ever because this goes into detail about the races and issues surrounding the campaign. >> we published too early. we should have come out today. because it is a handbook for how you can participate in winning the election. most stores don't have it any more but amazon does and barnes & noble does. >> sean: last week we went through these different senate races. you wrote in your column, you are tired of the conventional wisdom is democrats will keep control of the senate. you are screaming from a rooftop saying whoa no way republicans are going to win the senate too. >> they are.
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there are four races we won. arkansas, lincoln's 40 behind. delaware, north dakota and indiana. two more, pennsylvania and colorado republicans hold very large leads. that's six seats we need 10. five are tied: wisconsin feingold, california boxer, washington state rossi against murray, nevada tied, >> sean: angle took a slight lead. >> illinois giannoulias, kirk just went ahead of giannoulias. five races where the republican has a little lead or tie. that's 11 we need 10. there are three others we might pick up. west virginia were you just talking about. the interesting thing about that not that it is 50-45. . the governor who is the democrat has a 70% job approval. so 22% of the state is saying, i love you, you are great i'm just not going to vote four.
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his campaign slogan should be manchin for governor. connecticut where mcmahon has a good shot against blumenthal and new york primary against against gillibrand tuesday. whoever wins, gillibrand is just at 50. she can be . i see a potential of 14 republican pick-ups with a virtual certainty of 10. >> sean: that's a great prediction. i hope you are right. i don't want to take any vote for granted. you are way ahead of the curve. i give you credit for that. charlie cook is now catching up. rothberg same there. all the pollsters are saying it is leaning that way. a lot of people don't want to go out on a limb as far as you have q >> i think i'll climb further out. it is time for us to raise our artillery. instead of going just to the 40 seats that the republicans
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need to take, or the 20 more seats they might take, let's go for the 20 and the 20 beyond that. 60 to 100 seats. i have a list on my website right now of the 10 new house races that are the new swing races. you're getting -- take colorado as an example. betsy markey that supposed to be a swing race if we win that we have control probably. she behind by 30 points, gardner is killing her. you take the seat we are probably never gonna win but we might. tipton is eight points ahead. then you take the seat nobody thought we had a prayer of winning. ed perlmutter, ryan frazier the republican obama, brilliant young articulate, african-american, one ahead.
12:19 am
the one in new york, john gomez. everybody is looking at bishop seat suffolk county. we might beat israel in the next district. it is time not to so much look at 39, to get power or the next 20, but the next 40, because those seats which nobody thought are in play are now in play. >> sean: russ feingold. the governor -- the president goes to wisconsin where is feingold? he doesn't want to be near him. bennet, doesn't want to be near him. georgia don't want to be near him. bill white didn't show up to the speech in texas. >> there is not a single democrat in the united states of america who is defending the stimulus or obamacare who is running for office. they are all running away from it. what i'm telling republican candidates, you don't have to say this guy is a big democratic liberal spender who will grow government and the deficit. just say he voted for the stimulus. >> sean: there's a 20 point
12:20 am
gap in enthusiasm and intensity in favor of the republicans, massi. gallup poll the best numbers republicans have had since 1942. 2/3 of americans think america is in decline under obama is there anything you can see or foresee that shows a path to the democrats making a recovery? >> there's only one way the republicans can help the democrats now to aim too low. if we aim at the eight senate seats but not the 14. the 40 or 50 house seats not the 100 that's why i have the list on of the 10 new house seats if in place. as the forces advance you have to raise the aim at the artillery so you are shooting at the new frontline. >> sean: great analogy. could the midterm elections be a referendum on the anointed
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>> sean: tonight in your america. even . is admitting democrats could be in serious trouble this november. >> if the election is a referendum on are people satisfied about the economy, as it currently is, we are not going to do well, because i think everybody feels like this economy needs to do better than it has been doing. >> sean: he says democrats will suffer if the election is about the economy. what if the election is about him? polls suggest an obama referendum would prove disastrous for the left. the president's approval
12:26 am
rating has dropped. 58% disapprove of the job he's doing. not only facing opposition from the american people. rifts appear to be developing within his inner circle. days after he unveiled the spending spree his secretary of state said this. >> our rising debt levels, poses a national security threat. and it poses a national security threat in two ways. it undermines our capacity to act in our own interests. and it does constrain us where constraint may be undesireable. and it also sends a message of weakness internationally. >> sean: there's former obama budget director peter orszag broke from the white house and called for the extension of all bush tax cuts. he wrote the extent the cuts for two years and end them all
12:27 am
together. higher taxes now would crimp consumer spending. could this november be a referendum on the president? here with analysis former white house special counsel lanny davis. you are friends with hillary, that was a nice shot across the bow. >> she is the greatest secretary of state and the greatest friend anyone could ever have. >> sean: you are going to dodge. how often do you father me say[ñ clinton is right? she right. >> i think she right. her husband was right about balancing the budget and leaving us a trillion dollar deficit. but obama -- [ talking over each other ] >> a serious deficit and economy. >> sean: stop. first of all he didn't inherit an economy as bad as what ronald reagan inherited number one. number two, i'm sick of him blame -- blaming bush.
12:28 am
trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see. you wrote a piece i found interesting. >> your ratings just went down. >> sean: if democrats lose the house you say it could be good for obama you suggest that would mean an opportunity to compromise, like bill clinton did. to his credit he went along kicking and screaming, but he did it. i don't see that pragmatic side in obama i think obama is a radical. i think obama is a rigid ideologue. >> bill clinton has gotten close -- has gotten close to clinton. >> sean: i think clinton hates him. clinton has never gotten over the racial comment. >> i think right now, bill clinton sees the problem and he's out campaigning for democrats. he's become the most effective campaigning in the democratic party. >> sean: russ feingold doesn't want to be anywhere near him.
12:29 am
what does that say? >> interestingly, his approval ratings are down, so politicians are going to not want to be close to him. >> sean: you really want this segment to end, don't you? >>. whatting you sometimes is like scratching a blackboard but this isn't too bad. his personal ratings are still good it is the approval rating. >> sean: 30s on the economy, nearly 30s on personal approval according to rasmussen. 66% saying america is on the decline. intensity generic ballot at a 68 year highland any. do you acknowledge a potential political sue in the making? i think it -- >> i think it is the economy stupid. and i think the democrats lost one thing bill clinton achieved, to be friendly to the business community, including tax cuts, he also increased taxes at the same
12:30 am
time he cut spending. bill clinton was a balanced budget fiscal conservative. >> sean: you know what all my life, i want to underpromise and overdeliver. isn't this the case where the president overpromised and underdelivered. stimulus so we wouldn't face a fast stimulus did nothing except rob our children and grandchildren. why should anybody have confidence based on his past promises? >> first of all i'm an admirer of the guy who has achieved what he achieved and inherited a tough deck of cards and doing the best he can. >> sean: ronald reagan had 21 1/2% inflation, [ talking over each other ] unemployment double digit. he cut taxes 70 to -- 7 to 28% we doubled revenues, 21 million new jobs.
12:31 am
>> in 1982 he lost a lot of seats in congress because it took a while for him to turn the country around. >> sean: i got to run you agree me on the mosque don't you? >> i think there's an assault on sensitivity by putting a mosque -- >> sean: do you think this imam is radical? >> no. >> sean: america is an access troy 9/11. >> i think he should denounce hamas, he hasn't done that the message we want to send this is a war against terror, not islam. this has been really tough. >> sean: still to come, democrats around the country, their backs on the an one we'll tell can you why. david limbaugh is going to join us. what was president george w. bush's most unusual moment while in office? he recently revealed what it was. david limbaugh coming up. i don't see anything yet. no, over there, we've just gotta keep going to the left.
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this is a fox news alert. a california fire chief saying a gas line explosion likely caused a massive fire burning homes in san bruno south of san francisco. one spern dead and dozens are hurt. six injured are said to be critically burned. the fire burning a few hours now destroying at loft a dozen homes, once again a massive fire raging in san bruno, california. ices? sadly, no. oh. but i did pick up your dry cleaning
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>> sean: the president has once again sparked the outrage of his fellow democrats as he pursues his left wing ideology at all costs. this time a pitch for a second stimulus in the form of a 50 billion dollar infrastructure bill. colorado senator michael bennet said, i will not support additional spending in a second stimulus package. democratic congressman, altmire, sal zhan and peters refused to back -- salazar and peters refused to back the president's message. on the issue of the bush tax cuts four senators have come out to oppose the president saying we must extend those cuts for the sake of our economy. i wonder if the an pointed one has gotten the -- if the anointed one has gotten the message? joining me author of the number one "new york times" best seller crimes against liberty an indictment of president obama david limbaugh is back.
12:37 am
by the way, two weeks in a row number one new york time. congratulations my friend. >> thank you sean. >> sean: this to me is the definitive book on the election. and the case against barack obama. i got an early copy of your column which will appear tomorrow. you say something i was going to ask you. i read your book cover to cover. all the elements and descriptions about president obama, his narcissism, being thin-skinned, class warfare, militant partisanship that happened with his attack on boehner this week. class warfare was brought up this week. they are treating me like a dog, meaning his critics that was brought up this week. it is almost like that you've nailed his personal >> everything he's doing is validating the themes in my book. i have whole sections on his
12:38 am
narcissism and saying they are treating me like a dog is unbecoming and under presidental. bush never complained. in that very speech where obama was complaining about people mistreating him, he was dogging on bush again. mistreating him worse than he's ever been mistreated in that speech. blaming him for his failed policies. completely incoherent tax policies targeted tax cuts for research and development. one year he's going to allow businesses write-offs so a little supply side. on the other hand he's gonna let the bush tax cuts expire for small businesses which is going to destroy the incentive -- incentive to grow. muscles working against each other, can't work. >> sean: what do you make of the strategy emerging? here's always somebody to demonize. wall street, fat cat bankers. when in doubt, blame bush. now he's targeted john
12:39 am
boehner. do you think that strategy is going to be effective? >> no. it is juvenile. do you remember when -- he claimed he would be post partisan and usher in a new era of politics. he always attacks. it is like the strategy he will pick a target, isolate it and demonize it. so he can avoid talking about the substantive issues and make it us against them. he had this carville strategy about demonizing rush limbaugh because rush is a little controversial. now he thinks because in election is about congress, which it is, boehner is the leader of congress, if he demonizes boehner the theory is we won't want any of these republican candidates to win because they will become little boehners. so juvenile no way that is going to work. because obama is destroying our fiscal integrity.
12:40 am
in that speech he says he's committed to fiscal responsibility. what planet might he be inhabiting now? >> sean: i don't know. i think it proves a point that i picked up on early as it relates to obama. he's rigid, ideological and radical. you use add interesting term in the book that he developed and cultivated a messianic image. the stubbornness on the 50 billion dollar new stimulus the great grandson of stimulus because this is the fourth one. i think it proves that point, does he really believe that he's right? >> i think i vacillate back and forth whether he's mr. magoo or mack developly. i'm leaning toward m -- or mack developly. i'm leaning towards magoo his trillion dollars was supposed to be for intrastructure only
12:41 am
7%, didn't work and didn't do anything to boost the economy. important thing, this election is not just about the economy. it is about people being horrified at a guy in office that doesn't share our values about america. he's injected obamacare -- >> sean: stop right there. what do you mean he doesn't share our values? i agree with you. >> he goes around the world apologizing for america because we are dismissive and arrogant and imperialistic and consuming too much of the world's resources. as i said obamacare is destroying the best health care system in the world. it is going to suppress and smoother our liberties across the board. he is spending us into bankruptcy. it is not just about the economy alone it is about fearfulness about losing the
12:42 am
precious liberties this nation is founded on. >> sean: david limbaugh crimes against . congratulation two weeks in a row number one on "the new york times." i think the definitive book heading into the election and most informative, thank you for being with us. >> appreciate it. >> sean: plenty more to come. our great, great american panel, next. he's single, he's great looking and i'm going to introduce you in two weeks. he's a dentist so whiten your teeth. no coffee, no espresso. mm-hmm. ♪ [ female announcer ] crest 3d white toothpast the remarkable toothpaste that removes up to 80% of surface stains in just two weeks... hi. i'm paul. [ female announcer ] for a noticeably whiter smile in just two weeks crest 3d white toothpaste. also try cre 3d white rinse.
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what's in your wallet? >> sean: tonight on our american panel don imus' long time radio producer, bernard mcguirk is here. national campaign manager for howard dean's presidential campaign, joe trip back. she is a political commentator jedediah bila is back.
12:47 am
thanks for being here this came off the wires a few seconds ago. the imam says the leader of this church this 50 parishioner church -- i'll get to you. says he will call off the plan to burn the qur'an because it would endanger troops. this imam rauf denied there had been a deal made. apparently they are planning a meeting. the imam has not agreed. >> the guy is a fringe guy, >> you ball-type. unfortunately, some -- screw-ball type. some of the other networks decided to give him a platform. this guy is a whack job. he doesn't deserve all this attention but they gave it to him now they have people in afghanistan -- >> sean: it is unnecessarily provocative. when general petraeus says this is a bad idea. we have to realize that we are at war. which this administration is
12:48 am
having a hard time acknowledging. i want to do it strategically and tactically on our terms. >> it want the networks. this started on twitter and facebook and the blogosphere. this guy burning the qur'an moved overseas into afghanistan and created the eruption that started the coverage. we are in a new world now where one person does something crazy and it is everywhere. >> sean: what does it say about the reaction? bible -- are burned in saudi arabia, american flags burned in reaction to this. i don't hear a bunch of americans talking about there are going to be consequences if this happens. >> right, i think the bottom line is these qur'ans need to not be burned. it is a sense activity issue. it is terrible for muslims who have stood up with so many americans on behalf of not
12:49 am
having this mosque at ground zero, because it is a sensitivity issue. despite the fact this imam has said incredibly outrageous things. in both cases we need see just because you can do something doesn't meanyá15í you should. >> sean: back to this imam. last night saying if we don't get the mosque soldiers are in danger and americans get ready to be act tad. here's what said: >> -- i men the danger from the radicals in the -- i meant the danger from the radicals in the muslim world to the national security of our troops. i have a niece who works in southern iraq, the concern for american citizens who live and work and travel overseas, will increasingly be compromised if the radicals are strengthened. and if we do move it will strengthen the argument of the radicals' ability to recruit and their agrees -- increasing
12:50 am
violence. >> sean: we capitulate. by the way your troops are in danger and america is going to be attacked again. >> america should not make decisions about what we are going to do and not, ed on how an extremist group are going to potentially react to it. plain and simple. >> if we build it we are going to incite recruitment and if we don't we are going to incite recruitment. it is crazy. they have a constitutional right. i have a constitutional right to make my voice known. >> by the way congratulations on your friend, robert gibbs who said this was a local issue a month or two ago. this rauf guy i trusted him initially, i don't any more. as one victim's sister said, he's a wolf in sheep's clothing. i don't trust this guy at all. >> sean: we are an access troy
12:51 am
9/11. >> last night he talked out of both sides of his mouth in the mideast i wouldn't be surprised if he was dropping off american cigarettes to al-awlaki while there. the president could see the wisdom on burning qur'ans, but he couldn't comment on the wisdom of building a mosque that offends people who least loved ones on 9/11. >> sean: we have more straight ahead.ñ
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. bernie were you getting into the issue about the president as it relates to him defending the mosque at ground zero, but as much as i think it is an unnecessary provocation, not
12:56 am
defending the right of the pastor who was suggesting burning the qur'an. >> right. of course they are analogous, more egregious to the degree when you burn a qur'an it is much more, but it is still the same thing. if you can voice an opinion on the qur'an you can certainly opine on the wisdom of bidding the mosque. why hold back. we know they have the right. speak up, somebody asked him. >> sean: he spoke out of both sides of his face. something friday before one audience and something different saturday. >> they are similar in the sense that our troops are at risk in either occasion if he burns the qur'an our troops are at risk. if muslims see us saying don't build this mosque here that's -- that puts our troops at risk. >> sean: you think we can appease radical jihadists? >> i'm getting to your question about -- >> sean: you can't draw a cartoon without radicals reacting. >> it is not out of both sides
12:57 am
of his mouth there's a consistent pattern that as commander in chief -- >> sean: wait a minute. you are saying that our troops are in jeopardy if the mosab hassan yousef is not built our -- if the mosab hassan yousef is not built our troops are in jeb -- in afghanistan and iraq is that america is saying no to the moss moss it does create problems on the ground in those countries. i'm not saying we are not talking about 70% of the american people disagreeing. again, -- take talk >> that's what is driving this president every step of the way. >> sean: we have these two issues the president taking his position on this whole thing. i think it reveals one thing. radical jihadists, extremists, are looking for any excuse to kill us. the idea that 9/11 commission, they are at war with us. they are still at war with us.
12:58 am
somehow is there anything we can do that will placate them? appease them, make them like us more? the only thing we need to focus on is destroying the radicals and defeating them in a war we are engaged in. >> we shouldn't be thinking like that it is not our responsibility to think about what can we do to make the extremists happy. >> the qur'an burning universal, nobody outside of that wingnut who thought it was a good idea. yet they still protested in afghanistan, in indonesia and it is going to spread, despite the fact that nobody condoned it. where were the voices of mod on the mosque? there were none. -- where was the universal condemnation of the 9/11 attack? >> reporter: where is the condemnation of the imam rauf who said we are an accessory to 9/11 who won't condemn
12:59 am
hamas, who said osama bin laden was made in the u.s.a.? where is bloomberg analyzing his background. why is the state department paying for his trip to the mideast, trippi? >> i don't know the answer to that. i think they believe this was going to be good in terms of projecting -- >> sean: so we pay for his trip to the mideast? >> i don't agree with the mosque being built there. >> sean: stop for a second. why wouldogy administration pay for this radical imam's trip to the middle east? >> again,'s. part of the communication in those countries that we are -- >> sean: so we've got to prove -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: america helped indonesia, kuwait, iraq, afghanistan. what proof do we need that we've been supportive of muslims? >> we have to get the hell out. take these guys out. it is immoral to keep them there because they are looking


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